I got a job online

I opened a bank account, without going to a branch!

I got a post paid phone line

Verifi.Me Social Authentication allows you to complete the verification process at your convenience so you can avail a wider range of products from our trusted partners.

Our innovative use of technology minimizes the need for you to go to a branch, fill up paper forms and submit physical documents such as photo IDs and income statements.


Quick and Easy

Get set up in a few minutes and start using it on sites that accept Verifi.Me identity verification.


Use Verifi.Me across many partners from applying for a job, shopping online, or even dating!

Safe and Secure

You are always in control of what information you share and strong encryption protects your data.

How it works

Verifi.Me Social Authentication verifies your identity through your social accounts, like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

For added security, we ask for and use information only you would know, so we can be sure that it is really you.

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